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Monitored Alarm Systems

We sell non-monitored systems (which is the most basic model available in the market) but we are also providers of a range of systems that include self-monitoring and back-to-base alarm monitoring.

Monitored systems are superior to the base model in several ways: For non-monitored systems, only those present on site will be alerted when the alarm does go off. However for monitored systems, either yourself or third parties will be notified when the alarm is triggered and an immediate response can then be coordinated even when you are not on the property.

The self-monitoring option allows you monitor the situation directly from your mobile phone, however you might not be able to monitor your property 24/7. This is when the back-to-base system comes in handy while granting you peace of mind: A response team from a security company might be able to handle the situation for you while you are not available to do so, which makes this service the best and most comprehensive protection the system can offer.

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