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Risco Agility™ 3 Wireless Alarm System

Agility™ 3 is a state-of-the-art 2-way wireless alarm system designed for the residential and small business markets that provides more than a standard home security system.

Agility™ 3 supports visual verification with a self monitoring Smartphone app (also available via web browser) which enables homeowners to control their alarm systems remotely as well as view real-time images taken inside their premises with the eyeWave™ wireless PIR camera detector which communicates with the RISCO Cloud server. This camera is pet-friendly and works in the dark too!

In the event of an alarm, the PIR camera is automatically activated and captures a sequence of images which it sends to users via RISCO's Smartphone/ web Application. This capability enables users to view the images and confirm if there is a crime in progress.

Agility™ 3 can be armed / disarmed from your mobile phone remotely and gives peace of mind.

The Agility™ 3 wireless security system can be enhanced with a wide range of accessories that provide additional protection against theft as well as protection against environmental hazards and providing elderly care.

Package & Price

Agility 3G with PET Camera PIR Kit

Agility 3G with PET Camera PIR Kit, includes:

  • Agility Control Panel complete with 3G/GSM module
  • Agility 2-Way LCD Keypad
  • 2 x 2-way wireless Pet friendly camera PIR detector
  • 2 x Wireless 4 button keyfobs
  • Plug pack to suit Agility Control Panel

Installed and configured from $1599 (customer to supply 3G SIM card with strong network strength/reception). If no mobile network is available, we can connect using IP over internet if you have a modem.

Extra Devices

  • Wireless Pet PIR Cam $175
  • Wireless External Siren and Strobe $175
  • Wireless Internal Screamer $175
  • Wireless Door Reed $175
  • Standard Wireless Pet PIR ( no camera ) $155

All prices inc GST

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